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Apply to be a Chartered Member

Self-Assessment and Check your readiness for Chartering

Core Capabilities and Capability Level requirements

To become a Chartered Member of HRNZ you will need to demonstrate capability across our Core Capabilities at a Leads level or higher. You’ll also need to have experience and expertise in at least three Domains of Knowledge, one of which must be taken from the following list:

  • Diversity, Inclusion and Equity
  • Employment Relations
  • Change Management
  • Health Safety and Wellbeing
  • Attraction, Recruitment and Selection
  • Remuneration and Rewards
  • Learning and Development
  • Employee Engagement and Experience

Completing our Self-Assessment will help guide you in your readiness but for more information about the Core Capabilities, Levels and Domains of Knowledge, click here.


How to Apply

Chartered members help uphold the professional standards of HR in NZ and are an integral part of our HR community!

To make the process simple, clear and accessible, we’ve refined the way you apply to make it even smoother.

Start your chartered member journey and apply in 6 easy steps:

  1. Complete the self-assessment that indicates suitability for chartering
  2. Complete application form
  3. Update CV and include in your application
  4. Complete the Code of Practice Module
  5. Provide evidence of 25 CPD points completed in last 12 months
  6. Put together a list of references who can endorse your skills and experience

Download the Application Form


Preparing your Application

The application process does not require further study and does not require you to take an exam, but instead requires you to reflect on your current capabilities and the experience you have gained as an HR professional across your career. The most important part of the application process is understanding your readiness for chartering. You can check this by completing the simple HRNZ Self-Assessment which will indicate your suitability for Chartering. Once you have this, you’re ready to get started!

The self-assessment will help suggest areas of development if you’re not quite ready to apply for chartering.

If you have any questions about the process or applying, get in touch with the Head Office team who will be more than happy to help.

Step 1

  • Complete the Self-Assessment (which indicates your readiness for Chartering) and save a copy to include with your Application documents.

Step 2

Step 3

  • Update and attach your full CV with your application.

This should include recent roles you have held and the corresponding Level of The Path that you demonstrated in these roles, as well as any Domains of Knowledge you worked within in these roles, along with details of at least 3 referees (these should include a range of managers, direct reports, customers or mentors).

Step 4

You can complete the Code of Practice through the HRNZ eLearning platform. Save your Certificate of Completion and include with your Application supporting documents.

Step 5

Completing your Chartered Membership Application counts for 15 of the 25 required CPD points. For more information about what you can claim for, check out the CPD Guide.

Step 6

  • Provide references who can support your application for chartered membership

HRNZ will verify your experience through personally nominated referees that are required as part of the application form. Your referees will receive an online reference template via email to complete.

You’ll need to provide contact details for three referees who can provide a range of different perspectives:

  • Managers perspective – someone you have reported to
  • Peer perspective – either an HR colleague at the same level or someone from a management team you have been a part of
  • Customer perspective – either an internal or external customer
  • Direct report- someone who has reported to you or been mentored by you
  • Employee – a person who has experienced the product of your work

You may double up on another stakeholder reference in situations where you aren’t able to cover one of the options.

That’s all!

Once you have done the above, simply submit the Application Form including supporting documentation to [email protected]

Submit your Application


The Assessment Process

The following are the steps in the assessment process once you have submitted your application:

  • You’ll receive an acknowledgement of your Application which will include an indication of how long the Application is expected to be assessed.
  • HRNZ will then contact your nominated referees to validate the information you have supplied about your capability across the framework.
  • Next, you will be contacted for an interview with 2 members of the assessment panel to talk about your experience and capability and confirm you meet the requirements of Chartered Membership.


When your assessment has been completed you will be advised on the outcome of your Chartered Membership application.

If successful, you will be accredited as a Chartered Member and provided with guidance on how to maintain your status.

If you are not successful, you will receive feedback on which areas you need to improve on in order to strengthen your application. This application process does not end in a 'pass' or 'fail' manner. Instead, we support you to reach the capabilities required to become Chartered. 


Download the Chartered Membership Guide Booklet