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The Human Resources (HR) profession continues to grow and change – new trends, developments and legislative updates emerging all the time. It’s for this reason that continuing professional development is so important to the serious HR professionals.

At HRNZ we are passionate about unleashing the potential of the people that power New Zealand workplaces. We seek to support every HR professional to maintain and enhance their professional knowledge on an ongoing basis. 

HRNZ offers a range of professional development opportunities: 

  • HRNZ Professional Development (PD) courses are offered both in-person and virtually. The courses are interactive and typically presented in a workshop format designed to inform, educate and update knowledge.
  • HRNZ Webinars are live, online presentations that are just one hour long and can be viewed from the comfort of your home or office. This provides a great source of information on useful and interesting topics. 
  • Knowledge Hub, HRNZ eLearning platform helps deliver digitally based learning to our members. You’ll get to obtain the knowledge in bite-sized chunks at your own pace.
  • HRNZ Mentoring Programme is to facilitate the establishment of mentoring relationships for HRNZ members wishing to enhance their professional development.