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Information for Employers

Set your organisation up for success with Accredited HR Professionals.

  • Shape future people leaders by encouraging your HR practitioners to gain professional accreditation with HRNZ.
  • Empower your HR team on their learning and development pathway and provide the recognition they deserve.
  • Stand out in the market with strong people capability.


What is HRNZ’s Professional Accreditation? 

Our Professional Accreditation programme provides recognition for outstanding performance and commitment to professional development by proven HR practitioners.  

HR practitioners can achieve recognised standards of excellence and competence in HR practices through: 

Accredited Professional Members are recognised by the post-nominal APHRNZ and the Chartered Members are recognised by the post-nominal CMHRNZ. You may find these post-nominals next to people’s name on LinkedIn profiles or in their email signature.  

Why does it matter to you as an employer? 

Accredited HR professionals stand out from the crowd because they have demonstrated that they are: 

  • Driven individuals who are dedicated to their professional development 
  • Committed to the HR profession and the community 
  • Passionate about shaping the future of HR and organisations through their people 
  • Worthy of receiving recognition for their outstanding performance 
  • Ready to lead into tomorrow and make a difference in their organisation 

An HR professional’s accreditation may speak to you more than their CV does!  

To become chartered, practitioners must: 

  • Complete the HRNZ Capability self-assessment  
  • Submit their CV along with any supporting evidence 
  • Complete the HRNZ Code of Practice module 
  • Provide evidence of their Continuing Professional Development (CPD points) 
  • Provide multiple references for verification 

Chartered Membership applicants also participate in an in-depth interview with an HRNZ assessment panel to validate that they meet the requirements. 

Now is the time to invest in your people and empower them to thrive. 

Research has shown that employees are more likely to contribute to and stay with an organisation that cares for its people, values them, and invests in their learning and development. Supporting your HR practitioners on the pathway towards professional accreditation shows that you care. 

Accreditation is not only about the title professionals gain, but about the journey they take to be there. This journey includes a range of rich learning experiences and growth opportunities, for example: 

  • Becoming part of the HRNZ Mentoring programme 
  • Learning from others and sharing knowledge in HR courses 
  • Networking with other great HR professionals 
  • Delivering thought leadership.

An investment in one accredited practitioner is an investment in your whole team. Our accredited members make a difference in their organisation through their work, and by encouraging and facilitating the growth of others in the HR function. 

Your emerging HR practitioner or experienced senior HR professionals should get the recognition they deserve! 

Professional Accreditation is an important benchmark along the career pathway for HR practitioners. It is not just a reflection of their on-the-job capabilities; HRNZ accreditation represents their holistic qualities as an HR professional. 

Recognise and celebrate your employees’ exceptional performance by supporting their Professional Accreditation journey. 

What do our Chartered Members say about Professional Accreditation?  

  • "This was an opportunity to take stock of where I’d come from and where I am going.” - Janet Long CMRHNZ 
  • “Chartered Membership provides our clients the confidence that they are interacting with a qualified and ethical professional who values remaining up to date. It is also a credit to every manager and leader I’ve encountered; they have shaped my knowledge and experience that I draw on as a Chartered Member to uphold the human resources profession.” - Tracey Bryant CMHRNZ 
  • “The qualification of helping in coaching rising HR stars” - Sarah Tong CMHRNZ 
  • “It gives me a sense of pride that the governing body for HR has tested my knowledge and experience and has recognised that I am at this level of expertise.”  - Sally Miller CMHRNZ   

Chartered members' sharings 

How can you support your people on this pathway? 

Encouraging your employees’ professional development and supporting their journey towards accreditation is easy. For example, employers could: 

  • Set aside time to assist employees with their goal planning and creating a Personal Development Plan
  • Support employees in becoming members of HRNZ for full access to our insightful bank of resources, great networking events, Mentor Programme and Professional Development courses 
  • Create opportunities at work to develop their capabilities and enhance their development 
  • Encourage networking with other Accredited professionals 
  • Help them plan and participate in Professional Development activities to collect CPD points 
  • Support their application for Emerging Professional Membership or Chartership 
  • Educate them on The Path, the Capability Framework for HR Professionals.


1. Become an HRNZ Member

For full access to our insightful bank of resources, Professional Development courses, opportunity to connect with HR professionals and more.

Encourage your team to join

2. Professional Accreditation Information Pack

Find out more

3. The Path - The Capability Framework for HR professionals

  • The Path Card Decks - Please email [email protected] for more information on how to purchase this.
  • Self-assessment tool
  • The Path toolkit [Including: Individual Capability Profile, Team Capability Matrix and Personal Development plan template]

Explore The Path