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HRNZ Mentoring Programme 

The purpose of the HRNZ Mentoring programme is to facilitate the establishment of mentoring relationships for HRNZ members wishing to enhance their professional development. It’s a free service with mentors volunteering their time to the programme.  

HRNZ’s key objective for this programme is “to encourage and support the development of professional knowledge, competence and high standards of performance amongst its members.” 

Why join the HRNZ Mentoring Programme? Check out the reasons we think it would be good for you to participate! 

HRNZ provides guidelines and support for mentors and mentees to help them build successful relationships. For more information, log in to your account and check out the rest of our Mentoring Resources.

To sign up, follow the instructions below. 


You must be a member of HRNZ to access this service. 

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Become a Mentor

We are always looking for new Mentors. 

Becoming a mentor offers you the following benefits: 

  • Gain recognition for your skills and experience 
  • Enhance your reputation and industry profile 
  • Expand your industry networks 
  • Learn new perspectives and approaches 
  • Further develop your leadership and management qualities 
  • Experience personal growth and the satisfaction of giving back 

How to become a mentor: 

  • Fill out the Mentor Application form and send it to [email protected] in Word file.
  • Your submission will be uploaded to our Mentors Board, where potential mentees can sign in and view the available mentors 
  • Once a mentee has indicated interest in commencing a partnership, we will pass their details onto you for you to confirm your participation 
  • Once you have confirmed your involvement, the mentee will reach out to you to commence the partnership! 

Mentor Application Form


Become a Mentee

Becoming a mentee offers you the following benefits: 

  • Guidance when being introduced to a new role or organisation 
  • Direction in working towards career objectives 
  • Support and constructive advice to aid your career and professional development 
  • The opportunity to connect with others and expand your professional network 
  • Having an independent ear to give you a different perspective and unbiased opinion on whatever challenges you may be facing 

How to become a mentee: 

  • Browse our Mentors Board (Account login required) to find a potential mentor whose skills and expertise align with the areas in which you wish to develop 
  • Once you have found a suitable mentor, fill out the Mentee Application Form and email it to [email protected] in Word file
  • HRNZ will process your application and send your mentor’s contact details to you once the mentor has confirmed their participation in the programme 
  • Reach out to your new mentor and organise the first meeting to commence the partnership! 

Mentor Board

Mentee Application Form