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Professional Accreditation

The Human Resources profession continues to grow and change – new trends, developments and legislative emerging all the time. It’s for this reason that continuing professional development is so important to the serious HR professionals.

HRNZ seeks to support every member:

  • to maintain and enhance their professional knowledge on an ongoing basis
  • to achieve recognized standards of excellence and competence in HR practice

Gain the recognition you deserve for your capabilities and professionalism through the HRNZ Professional Accreditation programme. 

Following the launch of The Path, the new capability framework for HR professionals in December 2022, we’ve updated the professional accreditation process to align with the new capabilities of The Path. Please note, all currently Chartered Members will retain full Chartered member status as we move to the new accreditation process. There is no need to under reassessment.


HRNZ Professional Accreditation programme

HRNZ provides recognition for proven HR practitioners through its offer of Accredited Professional and Chartered Member status. HRNZ has defined a professional pathway:

Find out more about HRNZ's Professional Pathway


Wondering where you currently are on The Path?

Complete the Self-Assessment! 

For more information on HRNZ's Professional Accreditation Programme and its process, please click through the tiles below.


Commitment to the profession and professional development.

At HRNZ, we are passionate about unleashing the potential of the people that power NZ workplaces. HRNZ encourages our members and every serious HR professional to commit to their professional development. For this reason, we seek to support you to maintain and enhance your knowledge and professional capability throughout your career.

Please click through the tiles below to understand the core elements underpinning HRNZ’s Professional Development & Professional Accreditation.

  • The Path – the Capability Framework for HR professionals in Aotearoa, New Zealand, outlines what excellent in HR looks like over a number of different levels
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – HRNZ connects members with opportunities to develop and maintain their capability throughout their career and provides the tool for every member to capture their professional development activities
  • Code of Practice – Your commitment to always acting in a way which supports and upholds the reputation of the profession


Why Professional Accreditation?

If you are an Employer or a Recruiter, find out how HRNZ's Professional Accreditation Programme:

  • Set your organisation up for success with Accredited HR Professionals. 
  • Support HR practitioners to grow in the right direction with HRNZ’s Professional Accreditation.