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Glossary list

Absolute Ratings

A rating method where the rater assigns a specific value on a fixed scale to the behaviour or performance of an individual instead of assigning ratings based on comparisons between other individuals.

Affirmative Action

Carried out on behalf of women, disadvantaged groups and members of such groups that are placed in dominant positions (positive discrimination).

Agile HR

In an agile organization, HR needs to provide the same services it has always provided (hiring, professional development, performance management), but in ways that are responsive to ongoing changes in culture and work style.

Artificial Intelligence

The simulation of human intelligence processes by computer systems and machines. It was founded as an academic discipline in 1956 and is also known as machine intelligence.

Assessment Centres

Mainly used for management selection and development purposes. Participants undertake a wide range of tasks and activities designed to assess their suitability for a particular organisation, role or position.


A term used to describe voluntary and involuntary terminations, deaths, and employee retirements that result in a reduction to the employer's physical workforce.