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HR Virtual Summit

HR Virtual Summit | Workplace Wellbeing – Real Life Stories

Thursday 21st September | 9am – 1pm

Online via Zoom - Attend from anywhere!


During Mental Health Awareness Week, HRNZ will focus the next HR Virtual Summit on the well-being of the people that power our workplaces.   Join us where we delve deep into real-life stories to uncover invaluable insights and actionable strategies for better supporting your team's well-being.

Illuminating Real-Life Stories

HRNZ’s 15th HR Virtual Summit brings together HR professionals, industry experts, and thought leaders where we'll delve into 3 real workplace scenarios – Burnout, Restructuring, and Bullying and Harassment

Through these poignant narratives, we'll explore the effects of their situation and the challenges each faced, and the subsequent impact on their well-being.  These stories will serve as eye-opening accounts that resonate with HR professionals across industries.

Panel of Experts - Practical Solutions

After each story, our panel of experts will analyse the root causes of these scenarios and identify actionable strategies to prevent similar challenges in your workplace.

Key Takeaways

By attending the Virtual HR Summit, you will:

✅ Gain invaluable insights from real-life stories to create a compassionate and understanding workplace culture.

✅ Learn practical techniques to proactively address employee well-being and boost productivity.

✅ Discover the latest trends and best practices for workplace wellbeing support.

✅ Hear from industry leaders, sharing experiences and knowledge.

Why should you attend?

At HRNZ, we hold a firm belief that well-being forms the very foundation of a prosperous and thriving workforce. When people are supported, we are better able to get the best version of them at work.  We invite you to be part of shaping your organisation's well-being mantra. By immersing ourselves in genuine narratives, recognizing areas for improvement, and gaining insights from industry experts on best practices, we can seamlessly integrate well-being into our culture and ensure it becomes a cornerstone of our organisation's values.

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