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Our Purpose

The go-to organisation for tomorrow’s leading HR Professionals 

At HRNZ, our vision is to serve as the unifying force driving excellence in New Zealand by unleashing the potential of people who power NZ workplaces. We are committed to becoming the go-to organisation for tomorrow’s leading HR professionals, delivering career defining experiences and leading-edge tools to the NZ HR profession. We aim to create a culture where a genuine passion for people drives organisations to achieve greatness. Through our dedication to excellence, we endeavour to grow the talent pipeline, tailor service delivery, and shape the future of work in New Zealand.

HRNZ has identified three key strategy streams to drive its mission:

Growing the talent pipeline

HRNZ is committed to growing the talent pipeline by increasing the quality of people coming into HR who have made a significant impact on the workforce. We aim to encourage employers to value HRNZ members, foster pride in the HRNZ brand and the profession, and facilitate connections among like-minded individuals for easier networking and collaboration. Through these efforts, we aim to elevate the overall professional status of HRNZ and its members. 

Shaping the profession

HRNZ is dedicated to shaping the profession which includes understanding the emerging HR trends in the context of the NZ workplace, identifying the needs of each membership segment, and promoting HRNZ to grow and retain members. Through these actions, we aim to influence and advance the HR profession, ensuring its relevance and effectiveness in the evolving landscape of New Zealand’s workplaces. 

Tailoring service delivery

At HRNZ we aim to deliver a tailored service delivery by collaborating with providers to design valued services, marketing these services to encourage uptake from both members and non-members, and delivering services through multiple channels. Through these efforts, we aspire to meet the diverse needs of our community effectively and efficiently, ensuring accessibility and relevance across various platforms and mediums.