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The Future Workplace Forum

Digital Workplaces

23 November 2023 | In-person | Auckland

HRNZ and the University of Auckland Business School in association with Platinum Sponsor MAS are holding the inaugural Future Workplace Forum in November 2023.  This annual event will deal with leading thinking and practice in the development of future workplaces in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The inaugural event will focus on Digital Workplaces.  In this Forum we’ll look at ways in which technological innovations are impacting our workplaces and how these might evolve in the future.  We’ll discuss the implications of these changes for people managers, human resource professionals and other functional specialists.

The format for the Forum will include keynote speakers, Q&A sessions, panel discussions and exhibitor booths featuring relevant products and services and the programme for the day will be facilitated by experienced MC, Te Radar.

The topics that are to be covered in the event include:

  1. The effects of automation on job displacement and job creation i.e. what jobs will disappear and what new jobs are likely to be created due to automation. The discussion will include impacts on knowledge workers and professionals as well as process workers.
  2. The use of artificial intelligence in decision-making and it’s ethical implications.  This will include simple explanations of how AI works and what factors influence its usefulness.
  3. The impact of technology on employee privacy and data security.
  4. The effects of technology on communication and collaboration within teams. We’ll touch on how these technologies can support hybrid working and consider current trends with remote working.
  5. The use of technology to promote inclusivity and diversity in the workplace. This would include discussion about how inclusion needs to be designed into technology as a deliberate process.
  6. The opportunities in digital education and how these can be realised in the workplace. Discussion on how we can create a more agile, resilient and innovative workforce through increasing access to education and training.
  7. Misinformation and disinformation and the risks within the workplace when many people have the potential to become a content creator.
  8. What the future holds in terms of technology evolution and what might be the next big disruptors.
  9. What are the new technology tools available in the New Zealand market that can help HR professionals become more efficient and effective in their roles.  What are the things to look for when evaluating new technology solutions.
  10. Employee engagement and wellbeing: Digital workplaces need to prioritize employee engagement and wellbeing, which can be supported by tools such as mental health apps and virtual wellness programs.