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Capability Levels

The WHAT | What you do in your role

This part of the framework describes the different levels of HR practice, and the roles professionals play across these. 

From transactional to highly strategic, New Zealand HR professionals operate across a number of different levels within their roles and across their careers, and this part of The Path helps describe these. 

What your demonstration of the core capabilities looks like will help define the level you are operating at.  

In New Zealand, HR professionals will often find themselves operating across a number of these levels within their organisation, especially as a sole HR practitioner.  

For example someone may be required to write employment agreements (Delivers), develop a new HR policy (Designs) and develop the HR strategy for the organisation (Leads) all as part of their regular job. 

Check out the Core Capabilities by Levels

To understand each level and how it relates to the core capabilities, please click the tiles below.