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The Network

Develop meaningful connections with people leaders, HR professionals and your HR peers.

  • One-on-one connection through HRNZ's Mentoring Programme
  • Network with and learn from HR professionals, and share your learnings with other students through local Branch Events
  • Hear from people leaders at our National Events and celebrate with all passionate professionals at the NZ HR Awards ceremony
  • Uplevel your knowledge and demonstrate your commitment by signing up for Professional Development courses



Mentoring Programme

HRNZ's Mentoring Programme is of great value to our Student Members, who have recieved guidance, direction and support as a rsult of the programme.

Guidance on developing self awareness and fostering passions through:

  • Self-assessment sessions
  • Career mentoring sessions
  • Reflection Q&As

Direction in working towards career objectives through:

  • Conversations around their strengths and capabilities combining with their passions
  • The sharing of labour market trends
  • Value defining conversations
  • The sharing of job search and interview tips

Support and constructive advice to aid their professional development through:

  • The opportunity to connect with others and expand their professional network 
  • The sharing of real life case studies
  • The opportunity to have a say and foster two-way learning

Find out more about the Mentoring Programme

Mentee Application Form

Mentors Board


Branch Events in Your Region

HRNZ has branches across New Zealand, from Northland to Southland. To find your local branch and contact details of your local Branch President please visit the Branch Page

Each HRNZ branch have their own Branch Comittee which includes the Student Ambassador/s for that region, who will organise student events and assist student members in their region.

Branch events come in different forms:

  • In-person or virtual topical events, e.g., Employment Law Update
  • In-person Café Connects - bringing people into a conversation over a cuppa!
  • In-person or virtual student events, e.g., Introduction to HR Careers
  • Student Connects

We have had a number of HR students find a great mentor by attending the Café Connect events.

Find out what's in your region

Connect with your Local Student Ambassador


National Events & Free Webinars

HRNZ offers a variety of topical webinars, some of which will be of value to you as a Student. We will also be introducing regular National Student Webinars.

Check out HRNZ's Webinars

HRNZ's National Events include in-person and virtual HR Summits, HR Forums, and the annual NZ HR Awards.

HR Summits and Forums provide you with the opportunity to hear from the people leaders on relevant topics of HR, and connect with the professionals in the field. These events are potentially career-changing opportunities, as they will educate you on the current and forthcoming trends in the HR profession, and allow you to network with potential mentors in the HR Domain of Knowledge that you are interested in. It would be a great idea for you to find an "HR Student buddy" to attend these types of events with!

HR Awards are memorable night where we gather and celebrate the outstanding Human Resources professionals and organisations leading meaningful change and best practice across Aotearoa New Zealand. Attend to get a glimpse of what may lie in your own future, and to learn about what kind of difference you can make as a future people leader.

Communications about National Events are communicated via emails, on our website, and on LinkedIn and Instagram.


Professional Development Courses

HRNZ offers a range of professional development courses for New Zealand HR professionals.  The schedule is designed to address core foundational needs as well as emerging areas of need. 

Below is a list of our foundational PD courses that are the most suitable for students:

  • HR Foundations
  • Interviewing Skills & Selecting Talent
  • Enhanced Interviewing Skills
  • Practical Employment Law

Transforming HRM in Aotearoa

More information on Professional Development

Why is this a great investment?

  • These courses provide great networking opportunities. Connecting with people who are currently praciticing HR may give you a clearer picture of the realities of being an HR professional and help you to better identify your key areas of interest.
  • Show your commitment to your career pathway and professional development by attending our Professional Development courses. Having the initiative to deepen your HR knowldge demonstrates your eagerness to learn.
  • It's an opportunity to reinforce what you have been taught at University by discovering and learning about practical case studies and real life examples.