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  • Hear great stories from former Student Ambassadors, NZ HR Student of the Year Award Winners, and our student members.


Connect with our Student Ambassadors

Surround yourself with "the Face of HRNZ and HR" on the university campus.

Name & LinkedIn Profile Branch 
Aileen Gutierrez Waikato HRNZ Student Ambassador 2024 
Jessica Bensley  Auckland HRNZ Student Ambassador 2024
Ketki AcharyaCanterbury HRNZ Student Ambassador 2024
Michelle DanielAuckland HRNZ Student Ambassador 2024 
Poppy Fogarty Otago HRNZ Student Ambassador 2024 
Renee Payne Wellington HRNZ Student Ambassador 2024 
Rosa Findlay Otago HRNZ Student Ambassador 2024 
Stella Thompson Wellington HRNZ Student Ambassador 2024 



Reach out to HRNZ National Office

Emma Waine  - HRNZ Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Emma joined the team in November 2023, as a Marketing and Communications Coordinator. She graduated from Victoria University of Wellington at the end of 2023 with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Human Resource Management and Employment Relations. Emma is responsible for assisting with the delivery of Communications, Marketing and Advertising outcomes for HRNZ.  

Email: [email protected] 

Connect with Emma


HRNZ National Office

For further support, you are welcome to reach out to Emma or [email protected].


Hear from your fellows!

Amy Raine, University of Auckland

I joined HRNZ in April 2021 to connect with HR professionals and learn more about the professional community I will join when I graduate from the Master of Human Resource Management programme. Since joining HRNZ, I have attended several events and seminars which have provided me with valuable learning and networking opportunities. At the International HR Day - Celebrating HR at its Best in May 2021, I reaffirmed my passion for HR learning about all the fantastic HR initiatives the finalists for the HRNZ awards were involved in. All the events I have attended this year have taught me something new about HR in NZ and after each event I have been so excited about my new knowledge,  I am looking forward to entering the profession full-time!

Jacelyn won the HR Student of the Year Award at NZ HR Award 2022.


Rebecca Jackson, Massey University in Palmerston North 

2022 was my final year of studying a Bachelor of Business (Majoring in Human Resources & Employment Relations) at Massey University, in Palmerston North. During this time, I was HRNZ’s Student Ambassador for the Manawatu-Whanganui area. I organised an ‘HR Information & Networking’ evening and helped coordinate several other branch events. The HRNZ Ambassadorship was an invaluable experience, allowing me to expand my network and refine my skills. I strive to start a career in HR that will lead me to become a ‘HR Generalist’. I have an interest in improving the employee experience and organisational attractiveness. 

Rebecca won the HR Student of the Year Award at NZ HR Award 2023.


Sally Cook, University of Otago

It has been amazing working alongside Letisha to execute this event [HRNZ Otago Branch Student event] and what a wonderful opportunity it was to gain insights into the diverse career trajectories that have led our HR professionals to their current roles. Looking forward to more events like this throughout the year!

Sally is our HRNZ Student Ambassador for Otago Branch in 2023.


Jacelyn Santiago, Otago Polytechnic Auckland International Campus

I recently had the opportunity to organize and run a student café connect session for OPAIC (Otago Polytechnic Auckland International Campus) students.. The event provided an excellent opportunity for those interested in pursuing a career in HR to network with like-minded students and learn about potential career paths in HR. It helped OPAIC students understand the importance of building a network of professionals and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the HR.

Jacelyn is our HRNZ Student Ambassador for Auckland Branch in 2023.


Cara Galletly, Wintec

HRNZ has done myself wonders as it has pushed me outside my comfort zone and the risk has paid off. As a committee member i believe this is why I have such good experience- recommend incorperating higher number of student movements to go through their local committees.

Cara was our HRNZ Student Ambassador for Waikato Branch in 2021.


Phyll H,University of Waikato

I'm starting my journey to gain an HR job, and am grateful for the support im receiving from the Waikato branch. I intend to apply for a mentor and am attending branch events. I'm so glad I found this organisation. I even used HRNZ for an assignment.

Phyll is our HRNZ Student Member.