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HR Virtual Summit | Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

25 July 2024
  • Start: 9:00am
  • End: 2:00pm
  • Duration: 5 Hours
  • Category: HR Summit
  • Region: Nationwide
  • Online
Our DE&I Summit will aim to cover a range of areas crucial for building and sustaining a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

25 July, 9am - 1.30pm

Recent times have brought unique challenges influenced by economic, political, and societal factors, and our summit seeks to identify the challenges and advancements in DEI, while scrutinizing prevalent practices and initiatives across the US, Germany and Australia looking at insights we can take from global trends.  We will assess New Zealand's progress in this regard, evaluating our own climate, and the advancements we can make to alleviate the challenges that still persist.  We will also look into gender equity and digital equity in New Zealand as well as provide conversation on cultivating inclusive leadership and fostering an environment where everyone thrives.  For more information on this summit please visit our Summit Pages.

9.00am | Welcome
Te Radar, MC

9.05am | DEI Landscape in Aotearoa - how are we doing?
Maretha Smit, CEO of Diversity Works

Maretha will assess where New Zealand is at in terms of the DEI landscape, evaluating our own climate, the challenges that still hinder progress and what advancements we can make to alleviate the challenges that still persist.

DEI in Crisis?  The Global Landscape - What can New Zealand Learn?

Recent times have brought unique DEI challenges around the world, influenced by economic, political, and societal factors.  The following three sessions examines the current global landscape regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) seeking to identify the challenges and advancements in DEI, while scrutinizing prevalent practices and initiatives globally (Aubrey), in Germany (Annica) and Australia (Liz). What insights can we take from global trends in this domain, both positive and challenging? 

9.35am | Equity in a time of polarization: exploring global trends in diversity, equity, and inclusion
Aubrey Blanche-Sarellano, VP of Equitable Operations for Culture Amp

Discussions diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) in the workplaces are becoming more polarized, and organizational leaders are taking note. While many companies back away from public commitments they've made in recent years, many more are doubling down on investing in the experiences of a rapidly-diversifying workforce. Join Aubrey Blanche-Sarellano, Culture Amp's VP of Equitable Operations, for a deep dive into new data that shows what's happening across the world and highlights concrete actions all companies can take to navigate an increasingly fraught topic. 

From this session you will:

*Understand the changes in organisational approaches to DEI from 2022 to 2024

*Highlight the key drivers and challenges of investing in DEI in 2024

*Actions companies can take to drive equity & inclusion initiatives forward even in times of polarization

10.05am | Is Germany Winning in its DEI Practices?
Dr. Annica Lau, Deputy Head of People Management for the Martin Braun-Gruppe

Discover how DEI practices are transforming German workplaces. Annica will provide the cultural context and unique challenges in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in Germany and provide an overview of the effective strategies German policy makers and workplaces are implementing to foster a more inclusive environment within German organisations.  

10.35am | Morning Tea Break

10.55am | Navigating and Leading the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Evolution: strategic insights for anticipating and responding to change from an Australian context.
Liz Griffin, Australian Human Resources Institute Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Advisory Panel member and Principal, Complexity Consulting

This session is designed for HR professionals and senior leaders who want their organisations to thrive in the evolving landscape of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Participants will gain crucial insights into current trends, opportunities, and challenges impacting organisations. We will delve into the governance and accountability of boards and senior leaders and provide practical guidance on proactively preparing for and responding to DEI-related legislative changes and social shifts with specific examples from an Australian context. 

*Spotlight emerging trends, opportunities and challenges: assess the potential levers and mitigate for risk.

*Clarify governance and leadership accountability: analyse the evolving roles and responsibilities of boards and senior leaders.

*Navigate legislative changes and social shifts: explore proactive and responsive approaches to future proof your organisation.

11.25am | Re-birthing new life to leadership; advancing gender equity through a research-backed approach
Dr Amanda Sterling, Leadership Consultant and Coach

Organisations are struggling to recruit and retain women in senior leadership roles, and women are struggling to stay. While current approaches to address this are well-intentioned and have made some inroads, they’re still barely scratching the surface of leadership and gender equity and, in some cases, organisations are going backwards in leadership representation. In this presentation, Dr Amanda Sterling will give a brief overview of the insights from her world-first research on motherhood and leadership, before drawing on real-life case studies to highlight three things that need to be addressed before leadership and gender equity can be realised, and how her unique research and approach can be applied to do so. 

12.05pm | Refresh Break

12.25pm | Digital Equity - Understanding digital equity through a Pasifika perspective. 
Julia Arnott-Neenee is Co-Founder and CEO of Fibre Fale

Julia Arnott-Neenee is Co-Founder and CEO of Fibre Fale, a social enterprise that creates pathways for Pasifika people into technology. Founded by Nu’uali’i Eteroa Lafaele and Julia, their mission is to create a future where Pacific people have digital equity, are confident pursuing pathways in digital technologies and see themselves as future creators. Julia will share what is the current landscape of digital equity in New Zealand, how it is impacting marginalised communities, and what change is required to ensure no one is left behind. 

1.05pm | DEI in the new never normal
Jess Stuart, Author, Coach and Speaker

Our final speaker, Jess Stuart, will encapsulate the day's discussions by exploring DEI in the context of the evolving world of work. In an era where change is constant, how can we cultivate inclusive leadership and foster an environment where everyone thrives? Jess will delve into the essential skills required to future-proof our careers and succeed in the constant changing state of DEI in the new never normal.

Jess will offer valuable insights on building an inclusive leadership culture that ensures everyone has the opportunity to excel by:

*Learning how to lead a diverse workforce and collaborate to leverage the unique experience and expertise this brings, 

*Understand the power of allyship and the impact this has on DEI strategies, 

*How to unite everyone around a common goal in the DEI space and,

*Learning inclusive leadership to develop a sense of belonging.

1.45pm | Event End


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