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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our summit endeavors to offer a comprehensive examination of the current global landscape regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Recent times have brought unique challenges influenced by economic, political, and societal factors, and our summit seeks to identify the challenges and advancements in DEI, while scrutinizing prevalent practices and initiatives globally (Aubrey Blanche-Sarellano, Culture Amp's VP of Equitable Operations), in Germany (Dr. Annica Lau, Deputy Head of People Management for the Martin Braun-Gruppe) and Australia (Liz Griffin, Australian Human Resources Institute Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Advisory Panel member and Principal, Complexity Consulting). What insights can we take from global trends in this domain? We will assess New Zealand's progress in this regard, with Maretha Smit, CEO of Diversity Works, evaluating our own climate, and what advancements we can make to alleviate the challenges that still persist.

Dr. Amanda Sterling will provide a concise overview of her pioneering research on motherhood and leadership. Drawing from real-life case studies, she will underscore three pivotal areas requiring attention for the realization of leadership and gender equity. Furthermore, she will explore how her unique research methodology can be applied to address these issues effectively.

We will hear from Julia Arnott-Neenee, a Digital Equity champion and Pacific Tech professional, who is committed to looking at how Technology can impact the most people for the better, and for progress that reaches the whole of society.  Julia will provide insights into the digital divide in Aotearoa, the efforts underway to address these challenges, and the impact of her work. She will highlight the persistent inequities and discuss actionable steps you can take today to achieve more equitable outcomes for your workforce.

Our final speaker, Jess Stuart, will encapsulate the day's discussions by exploring DEI in the context of the evolving world of work. In an era where change is constant, how can we cultivate inclusive leadership and foster an environment where everyone thrives? Jess will delve into the essential skills required to future-proof our careers and succeed in the constant changing state of DEI in the new never normal.

This Summit is proudly sponsored by LiveRem.