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Kirsten Adams APHRNZ

What led you to a career in HR/the position that you are in currently?   

I studied a BCom in Management at University and really enjoyed the papers in Human Resources.  This led me to work in various recruitment and HR roles along with also spending 50% of my career working in the travel industry. 


What do you love about working in HR?   

The thing that drives me most about working in HR is to be able to provide an environment where employees feel valued and appreciated in their work.  Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference!  


What is an achievement so far in your career that you are proud of?   

Creating a reward and recognition programme in a prior role that aligned with the companies values and enhanced the culture.  I have also recently completed my Clifton Strengths/Gallup Coaching qualification, so I am really excited to develop this area in my current organisation.


What are your thoughts on the Emerging Professional Member process?   

Gaining the professional membership is a really good starting point for me to recognise my prior work and education in HR.  The process to get the membership was straight forward and I really appreciated the help that HRNZ provided. 


Do you plan to now work towards becoming a Chartered Member?   

 Absolutely!  I am looking forward to getting understanding of what I need to do to work towards this. 


What are your next steps in terms of your career?   

I have only recently started my new role as People and Culture Advisor in June.  Through this role I am hoping to learn a lot from the GM – People & Culture as this role is in a larger organisation than I have worked in prior HR roles.  My current organisation is very supportive around training and development and I look forward to developing my knowledge and skills further in HR.