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Emily Bathgate APHRNZ

What led you to a career in HR/ the position that you are in currently?  

I have had a bit of a non-traditional HR journey, but I knew I was always passionate about creating fair and equitable workplaces. The more I got to learn and lean into areas of HR I knew it was the career I wanted to pursue!  

What do you love about working in HR?  

I love the opportunities we have as HR professionals to create workplaces that genuinely enhance people’s wellbeing and make our people feel ‘seen’ in their mahi.  

What is an achievement so far in your career that you are proud of?  

I don’t think of single achievements in my career but more the small moments where someone thanks you for helping them feel heard or when you deliver mahi that you hear people positively reacting to in the kitchen – those are the best moments!  

What are your thoughts on the Emerging Professional Member process?  

The path is probably one of the best capability frameworks I’ve ever navigated. Pair that with the process and it was really straightforward!

Do you plan to now work towards becoming a Chartered Member?  

Give me a year or two and I’ll be there!   

What are your next steps in terms of your career?  

Next steps would be to upskill my te ao Māori knowledge and aim for a position where I can coach those earlier in their careers.