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Amelia Bunting APHRNZ

What led you to a career in HR/ the position that you are in currently?

I have come from a background of recruitment and have always been keen on expanding my skill set into other areas of HR practice. An opportunity arose during the 2020 April lockdown for me to do just that and I jumped at the chance. My employer at the time and new employer were both extremely supportive and recognised that this was a growth opportunity. Since joining eCampus NZ I have worked alongside amazing HR professionals who have mentored me in many aspects of HR practice and have since gained an HR Advisory role. 

What do you love about working in HR?

I enjoy being able to work with colleagues from all areas of the business and being able to contribute in a meaningful way. The variety of complex problems that come up are what keep me fuelled and energised day to day - no two days are the same!

What is an achievement so far in your career that you are proud of?

My part in the development and execution of a range of professional development programmes for employees across the business - this has included resilience and wellbeing seminars, te reo Māori workshops, and a leadership programme. 

What are your thoughts on the Emerging Professional Member process?

When my mentor suggested I apply for the Emerging Professional membership I didn't think I would meet the requirements but looking into the process further it was easy to see that through my experience at work and through other learning I could qualify. Applying for the membership was an easy process and I received my response within a few weeks! 

Do you plan to now work towards becoming a Chartered Member?

Absolutely! Becoming an Emerging Professional member is the first step on my HR accreditation and professional recognition journey. 

What are your next steps in terms of your career?

I aim to continue learning in my role, welcoming new challenges, and refining my skills in transactional HR with the goal to focus on transformational HR that supports the strategic goals of my organisation.