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Freerange Works is an HR business partner.

We partner with businesses in setting up their people and culture essentials, culture change, leadership development and recruitment support to create workforces that thrive. 

Whether you need ongoing monthly support, delivery of an HR initiative, or just on-call advice we can tailor a solution to suit you.


Our services include:

Everyday HR and Employment Relations

  • Give you, your leaders and your wider team access to HR advice as-and-when you need it, in order to most effectively prevent and manage any performance or misconduct concerns, as well as to give your People and Culture systems and processes the best chance of success.


People and Culture Strategy

  • Review progress of active People and Culture initiatives, plan next steps and proactively engage with you to implement and deliver.
  • Create a Strategic People and Culture Plan for the next 12-18 months - including key priorities and recommendations.
  • Design and conduct surveys to better-inform decision making as needed.


Communication and Culture

  • Work on enhancing communication channels and making optimum use of communication opportunities that exist.
  • Explore and prioritise other People and Culture initiatives across the areas of performance development, leadership development, health and safety and employee wellbeing.


Leadership Coaching and Support

  • As your HR Partner, our team, whether based on-site or remotely, will look and feel like your own HR team, building rapport with your leadership team members. We provide day to day support and advice (and formal training as needed), as we work towards building a high-performance culture in your business.


Performance Development

  • Set-up with all that is needed to create a low-maintenance, output based / goal-oriented performance culture, taking the pain out of performance management.
  • Set your people leaders up for success with the right tools and up-skilling to lead by output.
  • Provide guidance around remuneration and rewards following your performance reviews and facilitate communication of salary increases where applicable.


Best Practice People Foundations

  • Design and implement best practice People processes across the remainder of the Employee Lifecycle, from Recruitment, Onboarding and Induction, through to Reward and Recognition and Employee Exit.
  • Develop the communications that will be necessary to 'bring people on the journey' and to keep your people informed and engaged while implementing any new policies or processes.
  • Support you in implementing your People Policies, with the view to streamline and refresh as needed.


If you would like to know more, please email [email protected] to book a free 1-hour consultation.

Posted on 31 January 2023

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