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In today’s employment market a focus on staff retention is even more important. With limited budgets, the solution cannot be to compete in a wage war.

Footprint Connect encourages the use of affordable employee benefits to address one of the main contributors to staff turnover and low productivity - financial wellbeing.

By providing employees equal opportunity to drive their own learning and development you enable them to take each step at their own pace at a time when it is most convenient and relevant for them.

Get in touch to learn more about how you can support the wellbeing of your employees and their whānau now and into the future.


Describe your product or service and what it delivers

Our digital approach is designed to support employees financial resilience through tailored solutions to meet their needs and enhance an employees wellbeing. We provide tangible value through a low cost/high value financial wellbeing solution, differentiating ourselves by including Wills and Estate Planning services.

What size business or organisation does your product/ service suit?

As we provide a bespoke service, we can cater to all business sizes from small to large. We would work with each employer to find the right solution to meet their organisations size and needs.

What kinds of organisations may be interested in your product/ service?

Any organisation looking to provide financial solutions for their employees and their whānau.

How long has your product/ service been on the market?

In 2018 Footprint was created. We recognised that the financial literacy gaps in New Zealand existed across a wide range of financial management topics and that addressing estate planning alone was suitable for some environments but others needed a broader solution. Driven by the increased demand for financial support and information from employers across Aotearoa, we decided it was time to help bridge the wider knowledge gap in our communities.

What does your standard product cost?

Our employee benefits are volume-based and pricing depends on the product that is selected. We work closely with each organisation to find the best solution that fits within their budget.

Are there annual licensing costs? How are these structured?

Depending on the solution that is selected the pricing structure can be setup to be monthly or annual (other options are available). We would work with each organisation to find a solution that works for the business.

Is your product an off the shelf solution, or does it require customisation?

Our product is off the shelf however if there are specifics that an organisation would like to include this can be discussed with us.

How long does your product take to implement? How does customisation impact this?

Our process is fairly quick and can be turned around within a couple of days. If an organisation were to choose to customise our platform this would add any development time on and would be discussed at the time.

What is your post-implementation support? Are there costs to this or is the up-front cost inclusive of additional support?

Footprint provides free phone and email support to organisations and employees throughout the process as well as ongoing.

Would you be able to provide example customers/ organisations who would be willing to allow site-visits for potential customers to view a demonstration of the product or service in action?

Footprint is a digital company and onsite visits is not necessary, we can provide testimonials from current customers and also offer a demo of the platform as part of our introduction to what we offer.

Posted on 31 January 2023


Joanna McKernan or Belinda Heunis

0800 366 888

[email protected]