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CDL Insight Consulting

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At CDL Insight Consulting, we are experts in guiding your business and employees through change. We generate lasting results by creating learning environments where assumptions are challenged, and established ways of thinking are tested and adapted. Our market-leading reputation is built on trust, and robust, proven, practical, pragmatic blended learning solutions. Our solutions are designed to effect positive leadership and help manage workplace disruption. For over 20 years, we have upskilled people leaders in managing change, restructure, and redundancy, provided practical career and job search expertise for outplaced individuals, and ensured our results-focused coaching creates a pathway to new employment. Our programmes are delivered through personalised and blended solutions, including one-to-one coaching, in-house facilitators, and online solutions to ensure that we can find a programme that suits you and your team. Through a business consultative approach, CDL supports and effects change in organisations using best-practice, multi-faceted solutions, and we are experts in assisting impacted individuals to achieve positive career outcomes due to a change event.

Posted on 11 June 2024