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Updated HRNZ Chartering Process

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Following the launch of The Path Capability Framework, HRNZ has updated its Professional Accreditation process.

Following the launch of The Path (the new capability framework for HR professionals in Aotearoa New Zealand), HRNZ has updated its professional accreditation process to align with this framework. Here’s an overview of what’s new. 

HRNZ offers four levels of professional accreditation. Two of these, Chartered Membership and Emerging Professional Membership, are described below. Both options are now aligned with The Path. 

The Path framework consists of three elements that, together, outline what excellence in HR looks like over different levels, from a basic delivery level through to a strategic governance level. These three elements are the: 

Core Capabilities: six elements that sit at the heart of HRNZ’s framework and capture the essence of good HR practice 

Capability Levels: which outline different levels that HR practitioners can operate in across their roles and in their careers 

Domains of Knowledge: which represent the different specialist areas of HR. 


So what’s new? 

First: Eligibility requirements 

To now be eligible for HRNZ Chartership, an individual’s self-assessment must demonstrate all core capabilities at the ‘Leads’ level, as a minimum, plus expertise in at least three Domains of Knowledge, one of which must be taken from the options below. 

For people to be eligible for HRNZ’s Emerging Professional Membership, applicants must demonstrate all core capabilities at the ‘Delivers’ level, minimum, plus expertise in at least two Domains of Knowledge taken from the options below. 

For the Emerging Professional Membership accreditation, you will also need to have at least 18 months of experience in an HR role or roles. 

Second: Capability validation 

Applicants will now need to supply referees, who will be sent a questionnaire to confirm the applicant’s capability and experience. Potential referees include managers, peers, customers, mentees and employees. 

Third: The application process 

To apply, you will now need to complete a self-assessment form and an application form, provide an updated CV with supporting evidence, complete the HRNZ Code of Practice module, show evidence of 25 completed Continued Professional Development points (completed in the past 12 months) and provide a letter of reference from your employer or a Chartered Member of HRNZ. 

Already Chartered? 

All currently Chartered Members will retain full Chartered Member status as HRNZ moves to the new accreditation process. Current members will not need to undergo reassessment, and there will not be a distinction between those chartered under the new and old systems.  

Take the next step 

If you, like HRNZ, are passionate about unleashing the potential of people who power New Zealand workplaces, HRNZ encourages you to commit to your professional development. By applying for HRNZ’s new Chartered Membership or Emerging Professional Membership accreditation, you are demonstrating your commitment to becoming a leading HR professional.  

For more information and to start the process, visit the HRNZ Professional Accreditation pages on its website. 

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