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A Gartner survey of HR leaders found that 47% cite employee experience as a top priority for 2023.

A Gartner survey of HR leaders found that 47% cite employee experience as a top priority for 2023. People are looking for organisations that put their people first: personalising their employee experience, caring for their employees’ wellbeing, and focusing on their employees’ professional development. 


Flexible about flexibility 

Flexibility has gone beyond offering just remote working or hybrid working arrangements. With flexibility in the Future of Work, businesses are required to be flexible about their flexibility. 

AssureQuality began flexible working arrangements for all staff, proving that flexibility is no longer just for office workers. While their laboratory workers needed to be onsite in the lab to do their job, a proportion of paperwork could be done away from the lab. As a result, their lab employees are offered to work school hours – six-hour day in the lab and finished their two hours of paperwork from home later in the day. ACC started a working group to figure out how the organisation would work in the future, and 600 business leaders were educated about hybrid working and how to effectively lead a hybrid team. ACC's Deputy Chief Executive of People & Culture stated that hybrid working was about more than just the location where work happened.

Some organisations even offer their employees ‘summer Fridays’, where they get to work a half day on Fridays during summer. This shows that flexibility is more than just compressed hours, or different work locations, but also an opportunity to have a human touch on your employee experience and wellbeing. 


Reflect diversity and biculturalism 

In our HRNZ’s Member Voice 2022, a number of respondents believed a bicultural approach to HR practices is their major focus to uplift Māori and Pasifika workforce. Every year, HRNZ would love to take an opportunity through our HR Awards to celebrate HR professionals’ effort in this space. 

Let’s hear the stories from a Mana Tāngata Award 2022 winner: 

Alexis Cameron from Te Toka Tumai (Auckland DHB) - The winner of Emerging Māori HR Award 2022

Alexis led the DHB NZQA accredited programme within the existing Rangatahi Programme (a Māori and Pacific workforce development programme designed to showcase health careers to secondary school students). Offering a NZQA accredited micro-credential successfully captures all students irrespective of where they sit academically and formally contributes into their NCEA journey in a meaningful way. 

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