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The Toolkit

Know where you're at and which direction you are heading towards with our handy toolkit

  • Understand The Path - The Capability Framework for HR professionals in Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Identify your capabilities and where there is room for improvement by using the Individual Capability Profile, Goal Setting, and Personal Development Plan tool



The Path

As a student you can use The Path to explore different aspects of HR, including the core capabilities underlying excellent HR practice, and specialist areas. This will give you an insight into the variety and breadth of the profession.

The Path may help you to get a feel for what specialist domains interest you. This could help with aligning your university or tertiary education courses with your desired career direction. For example, if you are keen to work in the recruitment domain, you may want to sign up for HR courses that teach on attraction, recruitment & selection.

The Path sets out what excellence look like at a basic delivery level, meaning you can understand what future employers might look for in an HR practitioner early in their career.

Check out The Path


Your Self-Assessment Toolkit

In the tool below you will find:

  • Individual Capability Profile Mapping
  • Goal Setting Template and Guidelines
  • Personal Development Plan Templates

This tool enables you to identify your strengths, as well as where you may have room for improvement. You can map out a development plan to achieve your career (or even personal) goals. This template is recommened to be incorporated in your first mentoring session with either your mentor, tutor or your professor.

Once you fill out these templates, you may also find it easier to build a CV that is relevant to the HR roles you will be applying for.

The Indvidual Profile Tool