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HRNZ SDG Week 2022

The Global Week to #ACT4SDGs was 16 September to 25 September 2022, with the ambition for the week being to mobilize millions to action the SDGs. This year’s theme was #FlipTheScript for people and planet. At HRNZ, we are fully and increasingly committed to sustainability and passionate to engage our members and the wider HR community to be SDG champions!  

HRNZ in collaboration with Bead and Proceed introduced HRNZ’s SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Week 2022 - to celebrate, promote, and recognise sustainability throughout the HR community and beyond. 

Our SDG Week has inspired and equipped HR and the wider community to kickstart their sustainability journey. "You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step" – Jr. Martin Luther King. We have received a lot of support from sustainability champions around Aotearoa! 

Let’s check out what had happened during our SDG Week: 

Lunch Time Pep-talk Panel

16 September 2022

We had a great session interviewing 4 incredible panellists that are #FlippingTheScript in sustainable business: 

  • Oliver Hunt – Founder of Medsalv  
  • Bobby Lloyd – Co-founder of Reusabowl   
  • Laura Nixon – Founder of Solid   
  • Jacinta Gulasekharam – Co-founder of Dignity  

It was inspiring to listen to these young Kiwi’s journeys. Some key themes that emerged from this discussion were: taking your first step no matter how small, getting the low-hanging fruits, starting initiatives from a personal level, and engaging your teams and whanau in the journey! 

Each of the panellists have come across obstacles like all of us, but they shared how it is important to take a deep breath, connect with supporting people, steer away from your computer and simply “make the next right decision” to keep moving forward. 

Our sustainability discussion went beyond being green and clean. Our panellists all added a personal touch to their answers. When asked “If you had a huge billboard that was stationed somewhere where so many people would see it – what would your billboard say?” – Bobby’s answer was to have a tag line “Call that friend.” on it. When asked “If you could have a nice cold glass of kombucha with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?”, Laura said she would love to have that with her kids!  

If you are keen to hear what was discussed, check out the recording from HRNZ SDG Week | Pep-talk Panel Webinar below.

HRNZ's Sustainability Guide Tour Webinar

19 September 2022

Amy Clarke, Manager Professional Standards and Development at HRNZ and Bridget Williams, CEO and Founder of Bead and Proceed, took us through the HRNZ’s Sustainability Guide and unpacked how this resource can best serve your HR practice for now and into the future. 

Our Sustainability Guide is included in out ‘The Basics’ series, as they will walk you through the foundations of sustainable development, help you engage your employees and encourage you to take the first step towards sustainable practice within your organisation.  

Amy and Bridget showed us the important link between HR practices and the Sustainable Development Goals. 

If you are keen to hear what was discussed, check out the recording from HRNZ SDG Week | Sustainability Guide Tour Webinar below.

Bead and Proceed Breakfast Workshop

22 September 2022

The workshop, proudly supported by MAS, was facilitated by Bridget Williams (CEO and Founders of Bead and Proceed) who brought an amazing amount of positive energy and knowledge about sustainable development to the session. 

Bridget’s high energy presentation and creative activities demystified the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), unpacked the targets, and helped attendees align the relevant goals to themselves and to their business.  

This was more than a unique networking opportunity, it was a strategy workshop to get people inspired to weave sustainability through their workplace and help champion sustainability far and wide – and be ready to BEAD the change they want to see in the world! 

School Up on the SDGs

23 September 2022

For those who could not make it to the Bead and Proceed Breakfast Workshop, Bridget and Annabel from Third Era Sustainability Consulting held a final webinar to finish up SDG Week on a high. The ‘School Up on the SDGs’ webinar was another in-depth and engaging look at the SDGs, where Bridget and Annabel inspired and helped attendees with taking the first step to more sustainable practice within their organisation. 

Goal Getters Competition

16 to 23 September 2022

Over SDG Week, HRNZ recognised those amazing Goal Getters who are actioning the 17 SDGs. We asked people across Aotearoa to send in photos capturing how they action one or more of the SDGs through their daily life, workplace, or place of study, no matter if they are big or small actions. We have received many great initiatives, which you can check out in HRNZ’s Sustainability Library. This is the perfect place to go to get some real-life examples of how you can tangibly incorporate action towards the SDGs into your work or life.

A New NZ HR Award 2023

In 2023, HRNZ is excited to introduce a new NZ HR award that celebrates sustainable HR practice. 

The Award for Building Sustainability through People recognises excellence in passionate commitment backed by outstanding initiatives that demonstrate employee engagement with an organisational sustainability strategy. 

This category is recommended for those organisations who have made a commitment to sustainability and are involving their staff in the achievement of sustainability goals. 

Sustainability initiatives may relate to climate change action, employee education and training, wellbeing programmes, community out-reach projects, and future of work projects. We are considering all areas of sustainability: economic, social and environmental.  

Check out HRNZ Awards 2023