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Glossary list

Talent Management

Terms that describes all the ways that organisations attract, engage with, manage and motivate, encourage and reward, and train and develop employees. It is considered as a mindset that emphasised the importance of talent to organisational success.

Tangible Rewards

Rewards which can be physically touched or held (i.e. a gift certificate, gifts in the form of merchandise, or a savings bond).

Total Remuneration

The complete pay package awarded employees on an annual basis, including all forms of money, benefits, services, and in-kind payments.

Training and Development

A process dealing primarily with transferring or obtaining knowledge, attitudes and skills needed to carry out a specific activity or task.

Training Needs Analysis

A method of analysing how employee skill deficits can be addressed through current or future training and professional development programs, as well as determining the types of training/development programs required, and how to prioritise training/development.


Describes changes in the workforce resulting from voluntary or involuntary resignations.