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You probably know by now that culture impacts every part of an organisation – both its employees and its customers.  For this very reason business leaders are starting to put culture as a key driver towards business performance.  Are you ready to support them? 

To fully support your business, you need to know what culture actually is:

Culture is the way work is done by your teams and your business as a whole.  It’s the written and unwritten rules that have been formed over the years by the people who work there.  It’s how people behave, act and react to each other.  And, how their behaviours are rewarded.  

But how do you measure, track and more importantly, enhance culture – especially if you’re an HR team that’s already busy with recruitment, onboarding, ER issues and more?   

Firstly, you need to build credibility by providing your business with robust data and insights on culture that they can immediately relate back to strategy and commercial business operations.  Then you need to focus them on the areas that if addressed, will have the biggest impact.  Then of course you need to recommend actions, both quick wins and long-term strategic plays that will let leaders see results quickly. 

Hang on, we just said HR teams are busy.  How do they do all this? 

That’s where Culture Movers comes in.  We can provide you and your team with ways to kick start your culture journey.  Whether it’s helping get leaders onboard, revamping your current survey’s to make sure key culture questions are included or providing you with a full culture toolkit that has everything you need (Q&A cheat sheets, full communications set and rollout plan, culture survey, data and insights report – with recommended actions and……….live consultations from people who have been there and done that but are keen to let you take the reins and see you succeed). 

If you need support, tools or training we’re here for you.

Posted on 31 January 2023


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