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Virtual HR Summit | Workplace Wellbeing - Real Life Stories


Throughout the programme you will hear 3 real workplace scenarios – on Burnout, Restructuring, and Bullying and Harassment – each re-telling of the story will detail the situation, the challenges faced, and the subsequent impact on their well-being. 

After each story has been re-told, our panel of experts will:

  • Analyse the root causes of these scenarios and the most significant problems that are evident.
  • And identify actionable strategies to prevent similar challenges in your workplace.


9.00 am          Welcome, Te Radar MC


9.10am           Opening keynote

Sarah McGuinness, CEO/Founder of Revolutionaries of Wellbeing

Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in corporate wellbeing and behaviour change and has supported well-known organisations to improve the wellbeing of their people, including Sealord, the NHS, nib and Weta.

Currently, Sarah is the CEO/Founder of Revolutionaries of Wellbeing (ROW). ROW helps wellbeing leaders to be change makers and to create better workplaces, together. With a fast-growing community of wellbeing leaders from organisations around the globe, ROW is dedicated to helping leaders to develop professional expertise, access practical tools and resources, and network with peers and experts to meaningfully improve workplace wellbeing.


9.50am           Burnout Panel

Our first session will focus on a story of Burnout.  Burnout in the workplace refers to chronic physical and emotional exhaustion resulting from prolonged stress, often caused by excessive workloads, lack of support, and overwhelming demands. It leads to reduced performance, and detachment, and can negatively impact both the individual and the organization's overall well-being.


Bridget Jelley, Director & Principal Psychologist | Glia, Workplace Psychologists

Leanne Holdsworth, Author and Associate | Cultivating Leadership

Helen Pryde, Senior Associate | Duncan Cotterill


10.35am         Morning Tea


11.00am         Restructuring Panel

Our second story focuses on a workplace restructure.  Restructure is defined as  involving significant organisational changes, such as role realignments or department shifts, aimed at improving efficiency. While intended to enhance operations, restructures can lead to uncertainty, role changes, and job insecurity causing stress and anxiety, impacting employee morale, productivity, and overall well-being.


Laura Warren, People and Culture Director | Te Pukenga

Jay Barrett, Principal Psychologist | Glia, Workplace Psychologists

Fiona McMillan, Partner | Lane Neave 


11.45am         Bullying and Harassment Panel

Our final story will focus on workplace bullying and harassment.  Bullying and harassment can encompass mistreatment, intimidation, or discrimination towards employees. Such toxic behaviour can cause profound emotional distress, erode self-esteem, and create an unhealthy work environment. The resulting stress and anxiety can adversely affect mental health and overall well-being, impeding productivity and job satisfaction.


Toni Grimshaw (CMHRNZ), Chief People Officer | Crown Law

Dougal Sutherland, Chief Executive & Registered Clinical Psychologist | Umbrella

Megan Vant, Special Counsel | Dundas Street 


12.30pm         Macca’s Wellbeing Journey

Annerita Edy, HR Manager | McDonald’s NZ

Being a large organisation with a franchised model and over 12000 employees within New Zealand, most of whom are in the younger age range and for many their first time job brings some complexity and immense responsibility. Employee Wellbeing is an essential part of our interwoven business practices that seeks to acknowledge that our environment is always changing and our wellbeing strategy and initiatives need to mirror those changes.  Therefore the journey continues….

If there is one main message Annerita wants you to take away from her presentation, it will be to reassess the thinking that employees will only flourish if you have designed the most elaborate and innovative wellbeing strategy. Of course, there is a place for design however focus should be on doing the basics really well to set up a good employee culture. In our workplaces we have emphasized that there is significance in simplicity.


Join Annerita as she shares Macca’s wellbeing journey.


1.00pm           Wrap up and close