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On My Mind

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Thoughtful acts of care make a big difference. Send a tangible reminder to your employees or clients that they are valued and that their wellbeing matters to you.

Our Gift Boxes are designed to support mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, and have been carefully curated by a trained counsellor who has worked in the field of wellbeing for individuals and organisations in New Zealand for over 15 years.

Shop our range, create your own gift box, or get in touch to discuss any specific requirements.


Describe your product or service and what it delivers

On My Mind offers thoughtfully curated gifts and resources that support wellbeing. We have gift boxes, with the option to choose your own items or pick one of our pre-curated boxes for different life situations, as well as individual items that can be purchased on their own. 

What size business or organisation does your product/ service suit?

Our service can be customised to suit any sized business, as well as for individuals.  

We can customise gift boxes for your employees and clients, or provide individual wellbeing products.  

Great options for wellbeing gifts, care packages for people in difficult situations, prizes for challenges, and thank you gifts with a difference. 

What kinds of organisations may be interested in your product/ service?

Organisations that are looking to support the wellbeing of their employees, clients, and stakeholders. We provide options for times of change, difficult circumstances for individuals, grief and loss, celebrations, thank you’s, kid’s emotional wellbeing, end of year gifts, and more. 

How long has your product/ service been on the market?

On My Mind launched early in 2022. Having worked in workplace wellbeing for the past 15 years, I noticed the need for ways to meaningfully convey support and how valued employees are, particularly in challenging circumstances. Our hope is that we make that process easy for workplaces to do in a personal, thoughtful way.

What does your standard product cost?

Our products range from $5 upwards, with the option to build your own gift boxes to your budget.  

Is your product an off the shelf solution, or does it require customisation?

We offer gift boxes that are pre-curated for different situations, as well as the option to customise one to your own needs. 

Posted on 24 January 2023


Emma Crawley - Owner

[email protected]