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Kokkoi Ltd

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If the assessment package you are using doesn’t accurately predict individual behaviours under pressure and stress, then it probably isn’t helping anyone very much.

Most assessments start from theory and then categorise people according to that schema; Dr Roger Birkman spent over a decade finding questions whose answers accurately predicted individual behaviours. Users of his methodology not only recognise themselves in the results, but gain agency to manage themselves and make changes in the way they operate.

The team behind Kokkoi have been using The Birkman Method® (TBM) to deliver mission critical objectives for all kinds of business, educational and government organisations in UK, Asia-Pacific and NZ and Australia since 2000. Some of our offerings:

  • Birkman Certification
  • CPD for Birkman Certified Professionals (BCPs)
  • Supply of Birkman Profiles to BCPs
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Organisational Analysis
  • Team Performance Workshops
  • Recruitment Selection
  • Wellbeing and Engagement Offerings
  • And more…

If you are a People Specialist or Operational Leader in your business and are looking for a transformative edge, email [email protected] or schedule a 15 minute call with us here:


Describe your product or service and what it delivers

We are specialists in using The Birkman Method® (TBM) to solve all kinds of business problems around leadership, recruitment and retention, change, digital transformation and engagement - and in equipping others to do the same.

What size business or organisation does your product/ service suit?

Most of our clients are large-scale global or regional players, but we have helped plenty of startups, family owned businesses, educational institutions and government organisations.

What kinds of organisations may be interested in your product/ service?

Any organisation where it matters that you get the right people in the right roles, fully engaged and working effectively with the rest of the organisation.

How long has your product/ service been on the market?

Birkman has been on the market for over 70 years, and is in use with most household name businesses around the world; we have been operating since 2000, delivering both Birkman products and consultancy, as well as our own Birkman-powered products addressing specific needs.

What does your standard product cost?

Our standard products range in price from $100 (entry level Snapshot+ report) to $1150 (Birkman Signature including debrief).

Are there annual licensing costs? How are these structured?

There are currently no annual licensing fees for any of our products.

Is your product an off the shelf solution, or does it require customisation?

All our products are available off the shelf, but with the option to customise if required by the client.

How long does your product take to implement? How does customisation impact this?

Our products can be implemented in real time (ie we can move as fast as the client); any customisation is typically same day or up to one week.

What is your post-implementation support? Are there costs to this or is the up-front cost inclusive of additional support?

Depending on the product, we have a certain amount of post implementation support built in; more usually any substantive on going support is costed in as ongoing consultancy.

Posted on 21 April 2023