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Fuel50 is the AI Talent Marketplace that optimizes your skills-based workforce.  

Pioneers of the internal mobility market, Fuel50 has proven to optimize best-in-class organizations at scale globally. The solution smart-matches people to internal opportunities, career journeys, coaching, learning, vacancies, gigs, projects, and enables organizations to harness next-gen workforce data, power internal mobility, drive workforce agility, and optimize their workforce for the future.   

Fuel50’s Talent Marketplace positively impacts workforce performance and productivity gains; helps create more nimble teams; increases talent retention; reduces cost of hire with internal talent mobility; and supports increased workforce transparency and DEI, whilst giving HR powerful workforce insights and data to drive strategic business decisions.  

Over 80 organizations around the globe saw immediate impact since deploying Fuel50, with up to 65% increase in lateral movement, 35% increase in internal recruitment, and 60% reduction in employee churn.   

Fuel50 transforms the talent experience, fuelling employee engagement and retention in your organizations, and ultimately fuelling your future of work.  

Intelligent organizations use Fuel50 to power their skills-based workforce for the future.  


Describe your product or service and what it delivers

Fuel50 is the AI Talent Marketplace that optimizes your skills-based workforce. Delivering improved workforce performance and productivity gains; fuels more nimble teams; increases talent retention while reducing cost of hire; and supports increased workforce transparency and DEI, whilst giving HR powerful workforce insights and data to drive strategic business decisions.  

What size business or organisation does your product/ service suit?

Fuel50 can be utilized by organizations with FTE 1,000+ although is better suited to 5,000+, while our larger clients have an FTE of 100,000+ 

What kinds of organisations may be interested in your product/ service?

The organizations should be reasonably computer literate and employees should use computers as part of their role.  

Fuel50 is well suited to industries including Technology, Telecommunications, Health Services (BioTech and Pharma) and Financial Services ; however it is also used by organizations in manufacturing and industrial, food and beverage, real estate, utilities, tourism, tertiary education, and NGOs among many others. 

How long has your product/ service been on the market?

Fuel50 was founded in 2013 and has been servicing the global market ever since.

What does your standard product cost?

Starting Price: $4.54 per user/year USD based on 10,000 employees for 3 years - sans implementation  

There are three tiers of Fuel50 available with two stand-alone packages that can be customized to workforce needs – Workforce Architecture (stand-alone), Fuel50 Mentors (stand-alone), and our talent marketplace packages People Agility (Standard), Talent Mobility (Premium) and Workforce Optimization (Enterprise).

Is your product an off the shelf solution, or does it require customisation?

It can operate as an off the shelf solution, but depending on the packages and add-on features selected there may be customization required although this depends on what the client wants.

How long does your product take to implement? How does customisation impact this?

We have a 90-day fast start program for our standard package that includes implementation and training. For organizations using our AI Workforce Architecture solution the average time for an organization to deploy a complete, autonomous architecture is 22 business days from start to finish. 

What is your post-implementation support? Are there costs to this or is the up-front cost inclusive of additional support?

As well as a dedicated Client Service rep, Fuel50 provides 24/7 help and support as part of your chosen Fuel50 package. 

Would you be able to provide example customers/ organisations who would be willing to allow site-visits for potential customers to view a demonstration of the product or service in action?

Some of clients include NetApp, Fishawack Health, and KeyBank and their stories are available on our website. As they are US-based organizations a site visit is challenging, however our Sales team would be happy to organize a demo. 

Posted on 14 March 2023


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