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Ceridian is a purpose-led company committed to acting responsibly, operating sustainably, and contributing to the greater good. The company’s brand promise – Makes Work Life Better™ – is the commitment it makes to employees, customers and their employees, partners, and to the communities it operates in around the world.

As the pace of change accelerates, Ceridian’s modern technologies help customers adapt, evolve, and win in today’s borderless, flexible, and skills-based work world. Dayforce is Ceridian’s award-winning cloud HCM platform. Its single solution, single database, and single continuous calculation engine helps customers achieve increased efficiencies, productivity, and best-in-class compliance.

Dayforce helps address the needs of employees across all industries, including retail, manufacturing, hospitality, services, healthcare, higher education, and the mining sector. With a focus on the intersection of business outcomes and innovation, Ceridian strives to help its customers succeed in the new world of work. Whether it’s navigating complex payroll legislation, implementing flexible workplace practices to optimise the employee experience, or helping recruiters focus on meeting with candidates – rather than sorting through resumes – Dayforce can help streamline and optimise people processes across organisations.

Dayforce is the only product on the market today that offers the full suite of HR functionality in a single application. This allows the ability for Dayforce to conduct continuous calculations. This means all human capital data is updated across the platform in real time so activities like real-time payroll processing can take place. It also helps give real-time visibility to activities like rostering, which means managers can be agile when it comes to adjusting shifts and work schedules for workers.

Ceridian puts its customers at the centre of everything it does. Deeply committed to the New Zealand market, Ceridian has a team of New Zealand based professionals helping organisations navigate New Zealand’s dynamic and complex regulatory and compliance requirements. Examples of ways this helps in this complex world of work include:

  • A unified pay and time solution that allows customers to access and work on payroll data throughout the pay period
  • Continuous calculations resulting from unified pay and time means that whenever a time or HR record is changed, Dayforce automatically updates payroll data in real-time
  • The unification of WFM and Payroll in a single system leads to:
    • Real-time visibility to better control and forecast labour spend while remaining on budget
    • Real-time employee time validation to better control labour costs
    • Real-time alerts to potential compliance violations
Posted on 17 April 2023


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